Anatomy in the Third Reich

It's hard not to find this beautiful, even if the artist was a member of the Nazi party. 

Eduard Pernkopf was a controversial artist who lived during the WWII era. As a devoted Nazi, he created an atlas of cadaver dissections whose bodies may have been the product of Nazi terrorism. The debate stills exists today whether or not to allow Nazi connections taint the awe-inspiring illustrations―or to disconnect it from the past and let it remain a valuable learning tool for the medical community.


Kareem Iliya

I would love to have a piece by Kareem Iliya on my wall. These are absolutely GOR-GE-OUS and literally radiates! He started his fashion career working with Giorgio Armani, and from 1992 also freelanced as an illustrator. The mediums that he works with are watercolor and ink on paper.


Grady McFerrin

This is:

Check out what he does:

He also illustrates music posters:

You might have seen some of his wine labels:
I love the rustic feeling his pieces convey. When you see Grady McFerrin's work, do you imagine music like Band of Horses playing in the background as I do?

Click on the link below to hear an acoustic performance of my favorite Band of Horses song.



Romper? Check. Tribal Pattern? Check. Now I'm ready for Spring! I'm in looove with rompers, I have about 8-10 of them already. They make my life so much easier in the mornings. You just pop them on and you're 90% dressed for work! But what I really love about these are the graphic and tribal prints of them. Tribal prints are designs that are earthy, and feature geometric shapes that really make an eye-catching pattern. I'm so happy that tribal is everywhere this spring, it really brings back memories of my mom (I love and miss you everyday!) who loved to accessories her outfits to embody this look.

Daria Werbowy Does Tribal Style in March Vogue

These two were my favorite pieces in this spread!


You can find me in the A! (The Big Apple)

Hi! I'm writing in my very first blog that my twin sister and I have started off together (we're naturally sharing of course). I always knew I'd end up in the arts, I just didn't know how I'd get there... But look at me now! I'm living in New York City as a Graphic Designer where art immerses you completely. From the vibrant fashions of the Lower East Side, to the elite haute couture of Park Avenue, inspiration is around me everywhere I walk.

I get inspired from fabric designs that include Emilio Pucci and Marimekko, to cute-sy cosmetic packaging, fashion spreads, as well as from favorite fashion illustrators like Stina Perrson, Kareem Illiya, Neryl Walker, and many others.

I feel blessed to be living in a city that's always breathing inspiration and I can't wait to share all my experiences with everyone!

Here is my first inspiration for the Spring Season! Love Love Love!!

I want to be a Boho-Chic Princess! 

xoxo, Lisy

Stina Persson

Amazingly beautiful! Stina is an artist from Stolkholm, Sweden who incorporates acrylics, ink, photography, and cut paper in her pieces. I gathered inspiration from her watercolors as I developed my website.


Leah's Intro

Plain and simple, art is an integral part of my life and always has been since I was able to pick up a crayon. I can remember at 4 years old spending Saturday afternoons at Dick and Frankie's house, sitting side-by-side with my twin, and drawing. It didn't matter what we had in our hands: crayons, markers, play-doh, cookie dough and sprinkles... we always found a way to make things look pretty.

Fast forward a decade plus a couple years later, I was introduced to my future career of Medical & Scientific Illustration by a dear friend named Danielle Wilcox. I met Danielle in a Photography course at the University of Georgia, and noticed one day she had drawn this incredible illustration of a bug. It was so full of detail and precision that I couldn't help but be blown away. I asked her about it, and from that conversation on, I knew this was a field I wanted to learn more about. Following this path was relatively easy as I've always had a love for science, anatomy, and figure drawing; but I never thought of mixing them all together. Now being in my late 20s, I inevitably found myself at the University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing my interest/turned career.

The human body, to say the least, is so amazing and complex―and to be able to describe it through art really is one of my most gratifying achievements. I can truly say this field is perfect for me.

Through this blog, I want to share all the things I find beautiful and that helps me grow as an artist. I can only hope to expand people's horizons and have others do the same with me. So please feel free to comment! I'll love it all.

© Danielle Wilcox
The illustration that ultimately got me into my field.