I will always and forever love Britney Spears. Leah and I saw the top image on Pinterest and I can't imagine who wouldn't get inspired by the lyrics to "Stronger". That said, it started our mini Brit-Brit Marathon... I'm not ashamed.

I hope everyone had a fun halloween! It was snowing in NYC (triple grrr), so I didn't get dressed up... next year.


...annnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd I'm Back!

I've never really left... I've just been la-di-dah-ing around in NYC. It's getting colder now and I'm about to start hibernating in my apartment because the chill air came way too soon this year. Grrr, I'm not ready to add stockings to my short dresses and rompers just yet.

Here are my (wishful) looks of the day on a beautiful Sunday morning! (It looks sunny and toasty outside, but you know its pretty brisk outside. Double grrr)

Bridget Bardot. L--V-E !