Little Drifters II

I've noticed that Fall has officially arrived when I left my place to grab my Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit and coffee. I'm so sad to see my favorite season go, but I do love pumpkin-flavored everything, seasonal beers, and most of all: College Football.

Little Drifters is still one of the coolest projects I've ever come across. Although there haven't been any new submissions (that I've seen), its still an ongoing project. A final salute to sundresses, bikinis, and summer.

Bone and Ben / Coburg, Bavaria, Germany
Brian Deputy / Harrison Bay
Jen Sheeley / Kamloops (notice a little bee is following)
Ateret / Okanagan Lake, BC

All images and captions found on BOOOOOOOM!

Lisa and I are involved with the American Cancer Society's Making Stride's Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 16th. We're walking 5 miles in honor of our mom and all those affected by breast cancer. If you're able to make a small donation, we would appreciate it so much! Thanks in advance!!
To make a donation on Lisa's behalf: Lisa Tran : Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
To make a donation of my behalf: Leah Tran : Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

And go VOLS!!! We have some hope with the Gators not having as great as a team as they usually do. This will be a fun afternoon! 

And UGA should have their first win of the season against Coastal Carolina... After an unfortunate loss to Boise St at the GA Dome and a close game to the Gamecocks last weekend, it'll be a small welcome victory. So, go dawgs!! Sic 'em.

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