Sasha Prood

Type design and explorations by Sasha Prood.

Migrate Magazine's "Obsess" issue
self promotion + crewcuts brand marketing
pencil, inspired by field study drawing
self promotion + personal projects
pencil, inspired by field study drawing

Bringin' me back to the days of Sci Ill at UGA... My memories: the camera lucida, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, live field studies, North Campus, insects, animal skulls, Indigo buntings, the annual MCG/UGA Exhibition Show, late nights at Tanner (or Club Tanner for all those fortunate enough to be there that late)... all popping back up. I really should find some of those projects and add them to my portfolio.

Sasha Prood is an NYC graphic designer who takes a hands-on approach to illustrations and typography. She credits her inspirations to science, childhood, cultural practices, vintage + utilitarian items, and nature.


Sly Lebulleur

Just for fun... It's been rainy and cold out in Chicago for the past couple days... This video makes the gray skies a little more bearable.