Constance Jacobson

Jacobson's Tome series grew out of a family connection to dementia and deals directly with the fear of a loss of self. Jacobson's prints use the shape of an axial slice of the brain as a repeated motif. Her images are metaphors of the fluidity of ideas that eventually settle into patterns and tight networks or neurons that in turn form larger networks of interconnections. Jacobson's Grey Matter Series explores memories that fade and reappear, trying to connect to other memories. By layering lotus leaves on brain imagery, she imposes visual simplicity and in a sense, attempts to calm the unruly and complicated mind. ― Noah Hutton writer from The Beautiful Brain

Tome 21
watercolor + india ink
Natural Architecture
india ink + color ink
india ink + color ink
acrylic + collage on paper

Loving how lotus leaves are used to further emphasize the organic nature of the subject matters.