"Zso" Sara Blake

Her [Sara Blake's] work is characterized by a mindblowing mix of traditional and digital media, wild colors, textures and it possesses a certain fluid and feminine quality. ― KoiKoiKoi 
One of 2009's "most exciting female graphic designers and illustrators" 
Designers Against Child Slavery
All Our Idols

Much like Lisa has identified her celebrity/icon twin, I think I've found my artist/designer twin... Method-wise: we're incredibly similar in production. Style-wise: Blake's work is something I've always hoped my art would end up looking like.

All her illustration works start by hand with pencil and paper. She does very little sketching and likes to describe this stage of the process as freestyle. She mainly uses a real pen, but sometimes also uses a Wacom tablet for light airbrushing and accentuating shadows and highlights. She then adds watercolor, scans, and colors the piece in Photoshop. Interestingly, she has a huge library of textures from around NYC that she has collected over the years with her digital camera—sidewalks, broken glass, construction tape, graffiti—which she layers on into each drawing. She also likes to take time lapse screen captures of her digital process once the original drawing is scanned, as it helps her understand herself. ― KoiKoiKoi

Check out the video to see the process and final image of Designers Against Child Slavery.