Posters for The Black Keys

I absolutely love music thats infused with an acoustic, folk, classic rock, southern rock, indies, and blues type of sound... The Black Keys are a band whose music highly emphasizes the blues. So much soul is put into all their songs, that I'm constantly amazed they're just a two-man band.

© Nate Duval 2010
© Smoke Signals 2010
© Todd Slater 2010

What I also love are bright colors, awesome layouts, and eye catching graphics―these posters got 'em all. They really make me wish I were visiting Lis right now so I could catch TBK in Central Park tonight... Seriously would've been a great birthday present to myself.

✩ A couple months back, I wrote a post on Grady McFerrin who also designed a Black Keys poster I liked. 

Click on the link below to see an awesome performance from the band.


Fashion Cupcakes!

Happy 28th Birthday to us!

Lisa adores fashion...
Leah loves cupcakes + awesome photography...
photographed by Therese Aldgard & styled by Lisa Edsalv


Renate Aller

Want to know what inspires and makes me happy? The beach. The sound of the water. It's all so calming. A buddy and I went paddle boarding up and down Chicago's North Ave Beach this past Saturday. The water was tranquil and clear... It was a great morning.
This series is called Fixed Coordinates. Much like my previous post on Paul Octavious, these photos were taken at the same location point, on different days, but in Westhampton Beach, NY. Renate Aller is the photographer of these beautiful photographs. Check out her site for more projects.


Corcoise Sketchbook

I love looking at artist's sketchbooks. 
L Filipe dos Santos's is awesome.

✩ Check out his other sketches on a previous post―so creative! 


Hospital Aleman - Cancer

This exhibit by Jonathan Gurvit holds a piece of my heart as my mother was unable to beat cancer. We know she fought an incredible battle for way too long and tried her best to stay with us.

We still love you so much. 
Kieu Sy July 9, 1955 - October 29, 1997.

Also with my uncle, Min Sy, currently suffering from the very same terminal sickness, we're constantly praying he is comfortable and happy. We are so blessed to be able to spend time with him while he is still with us. Thanks to everyone for all of your thoughts, concerns, and support; they are so appreciated.

The idea consisted in transforming different images of cancerous cells into pieces of art that were exhibited in the Palais de Glace, one of the most important art galleries in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The objective was to share with ordinary people what doctors truly believe: "LOOKING AT CANCER IN A MORE POSITIVE WAY COULD HELP OVERCOME IT." ― as said on the Behance Network