Magnolia Bugs

really pretty

Anybody that knows me will learn soon enough that I dislike bugs with a passion. One of my many Scientific Illustration projects involved illustrating one of these suckers, but thankfully my teacher let me opt out of the assignment and let me draw a cool avian skull instead (which can be seen on my website under "black + white"). Looking at these photographs makes me wish I had overcome my phobia at the time... What a way to make something so feared, into something really beautiful and special.

Kari Herer layered magnolia blossoms over classic scientific illustration pieces and then photographed the layout. You can buy these and any of her other amazing prints at her Etsy shop. 


Sandy in Union Square

I was recently in Manhattan to be with Lis and I kept running into this guy... 3 times to be exact! Using colored sand, he created some pretty intricate and colorful designs that looked Indian-inspired.

All free-hand
Must've had a lot of practice to achieve this near-perfect symmetry

I looked the artist up and his name is Joe Mangrum. His work is really great and I learned he uses a multitude of mediums in addition to sand. Check out his website and the link below for more, because sadly, my pictures do not do his art justice... They are much brighter in person!


Dirty Cupcakes

Love cupcakes. Love the colors.
Image found on Flickr
Your vagina. Or, should I say, your completely sad boring vagina? Sure, you can try vajazzling. You can try clitter. But does your pudenda shoot out sprinkles? No. Fortunately, these cupcakes are here to remind you that your ladypart is a beautiful flower that should be surrounded by blue coconut shavings. You can work on the sprinkle thing. ― Jennifer Wright from thegloss.com


Cartoon Skeletal Systems

...These characters have become conventions that are set, defined, and well-known personas in our culture. Being that they are so commonplace and accepted as existing I thought I would dissect them like science does to all living objects - trying to come to an understanding as to their origins and true physiological make up. Possibly to better understand them and see them in a new light for what they are in the most basic of terms. ― Michael Paulus


So great. Purchase & check out more of Paulus's prints at his Etsy shop.