Pedros Campos

oil on canvas
oil on canvas
oil on canvas

I'm not joking, these are hyperrealistic oil paintings, not photographs. Check out Pedros Campos's site to see more.

By the way, if you've never seen Lisa's work, she's amazing at realism.


"Zso" Sara Blake

Her [Sara Blake's] work is characterized by a mindblowing mix of traditional and digital media, wild colors, textures and it possesses a certain fluid and feminine quality. ― KoiKoiKoi 
One of 2009's "most exciting female graphic designers and illustrators" 
Designers Against Child Slavery
All Our Idols

Much like Lisa has identified her celebrity/icon twin, I think I've found my artist/designer twin... Method-wise: we're incredibly similar in production. Style-wise: Blake's work is something I've always hoped my art would end up looking like.

All her illustration works start by hand with pencil and paper. She does very little sketching and likes to describe this stage of the process as freestyle. She mainly uses a real pen, but sometimes also uses a Wacom tablet for light airbrushing and accentuating shadows and highlights. She then adds watercolor, scans, and colors the piece in Photoshop. Interestingly, she has a huge library of textures from around NYC that she has collected over the years with her digital camera—sidewalks, broken glass, construction tape, graffiti—which she layers on into each drawing. She also likes to take time lapse screen captures of her digital process once the original drawing is scanned, as it helps her understand herself. ― KoiKoiKoi

Check out the video to see the process and final image of Designers Against Child Slavery.


Lovely Bones

Vogue: Korea April 2010
photographed by Rafael Stahelin and styled by Ye Young Kim

The skull crown, skeleton prints, and bone-like jewelry are amazing... As well as the photography and styling.


Med + Sci Ill Music Posters

So, I attended the Band of Horses concert here in Chicago and had such... an... amazing... time!! Two words: FRONT ROW. Everything about it was so unbelievably great. If you're not familiar with their type of music, its categorized as indie and southern rock mixed with country. Its different, but I totally love the sound. I also love that their album art and music posters reflects the band's rustic southern roots. This poster here is awesome: the simplicity, the strong graphic image, and the bold colors... It's nice how you see the leaf first and then the snake.

Andrew Vastagh is the illustrator... And after taking a quick look around his site, he's probably one of the most talented artists I've appreciated in such a long time... Especially since he draws and screen prints all his posters by hand. There were so many that I loved, but I chose a couple that related to my field.

Sci Ill related

You're able to buy Vastagh's posters on Poster Cabaret... make sure to check out his gallery also.

Click on the link below to check out my pictures and one of the videos I shot during the BoH concert.


My Celeb Twin Is...

Ta daaahh! ... Nicole Richie

You're a bit of a party girl/wild child, but you also have a deeper, more serious side, just like Nicole Richie. She traded in all-nighters in the club to all-nighters with her two children. You frequently go back and forth between partying with your girls to reading philosophy (or maybe just watching the History channel, whatever).

for the love of maxi dresses
Another way you and Richie are alike: you both gravitate toward hippie-ish, comfortable-with-a-dash-of-girly clothing. We're betting you have a closet full of flowy blouses and maxi-dresses -but you still keep some sexy, fitted pieces in there too for nights out.

To channel your inner Richie, obviously break out one of your many long sundresses and go for beachy waves. Keep some of your rocker spirit with a sexy smoky eye.

Weird thing you didn't know about Richie: She loves karaoke. Guess that's what happens when your dad is a famous singer ...

I loovee Nicole Richie!! She is by far my favorite style icon and can do no wrong in my book. Who's your celeb twin?

Colored Skeletons

Japanese scientists at The Tokyo Hands have found a way to render animal skins transparent and inject the skeletal systems with an array of beautiful and bright colors. These preservations have recently found their way into art and design collections and have been linked to the popular Bodies Exhibit

Transparent specimen of a frog

The proteins (fleshy areas) are soaked in a solution that renders it transparent. Then it goes through a dying process which dyes the bones a magenta color, and the cartilage a blue/cyan color. The process can take over year depending on the specimen. ― as explained by PlatypusBob on Core77.

Nice. Check out more at the Japanese blog: Design Blog Bird Yard.

✩ I found the translated English article explaining the whole process.


Etchings for Poe

These amazing etchings by Simon Prades were used to illustrate five short stories by Edgar Allen Poe.

The Murders of the Rue Morgue
The Mask of the Red Death
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Black Cat


Little Drifters

“Masts and sails don’t make them go faster, it just means you can see them for longer as they drift away.” ― Lenny (the main inspiration for Little Drifters)

Heather Kew / The Saanich Peninsula Flotilla
Eva Lebeuf / Park Skaryszewski, Warsaw
Kelly Gratton / Saint Johns Pond, Delafield
Bonnie Soroke / Goose Spit, Comox, BC

They're all awesome, but the last is my favorite. "Independent" and "stability" come to mind. View all the submissions to see which one you like best.

Little Drifters was a project organized by BOOOOOOOM! and The Vancouver Sun. They asked all participants to gather natural materials and create their own versions of miniature boats. They were then asked to take their creations and photograph them in bodies of water. Nice! It's always great to involve people all over the world into one project.

✩ Months ago, I posted a similar world-wide project involving Le Creative Sweatshop and their use of cut paper to create an international paper virus.


Wayne Levin

Swimmer with Humpback Whale, Hawaii
Mark Under Breaking Wave
Pattern of Swimmers, Ironman Trathelon
Spear Fisherman & Triggerfish
Dancing with Fish
Green Sea Turtle Over Moving Sand

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Wayne Levin's photos.


Nature's Rainbows

I love everything in it's natural state. I think that explains why I love acoustic music and drawing sketches so much... Hearing the raw voice without any electronic adjustments plus the simple guitar is absolutely amazing to me. And I love sketches more than the finished piece itself because you're able to see the thought process of an artist; its the support and backbone of the actual work.

And as much as people don't believe me, I enjoy nature more than everyone seems to think. While camping in south Georgia's Cumberland Island with my boyfriend at the time, we came across what I thought was the most awesome thing I'd ever see in it's natural environment: a Painted Bunting. Of course you have multicolored birds that inhabit the tropics, but when will I ever make it there? Seeing something like this in Georgia and up-close was so great. We were able to follow it for quite a while until it flew off the hiking path.

Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)

Then I came across pictures of the Rainbow Eucalyptus... Unbelievable!

Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta)

These trees are only found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere: New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi, and Mindanao. I have a mission one day to make a trip out there and see them with my own eyes. 
This tree is also grown for ornamental purposes, due to the showy multi-coloured streaks that cover the trunk. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing the bright-green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones. ― Wikipedia
So gorgeous.


Homo animatus

What's up Doc?: Lee Hyungkoo and the Origin of the Species 
A black room frames the installation, which is dramatically spot-lit. A presentation of two skeletons, not unlike what one might see in a museum of natural history; a predator chasing its prey. Then the dawning – it’s Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner! Reduced to a science exhibit! ― Howard Rukowski
Bugs Bunny (Lepus animatus)
Donald Duck (Anas animatus)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (Animatus H, D and L)
Wile E. Coyote (Canis latrans animatus)
Roadrunner (Geococcyx animatus)

Check out the amazing illustrations supplementing the exhibit on the following link.